Machine Learning

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building through experience and by the use of data.
It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Machine learning algorithms are used in a wide variety of applications, such as in medicine, email filtering, and computer vision, where it is difficult or unfeasible to develop conventional algorithms to perform the needed tasks.
About the Program : The online course on Machine Learning can make you Ariticial Intelligence expert, since AI is the most upcoming Trend in market and a topic on Advance Computer Science you will learn Computer Science and also can boost your career. It offers you complete guidance and tutorial with experience teachers, downloadable resources, hands-on learning experience and job/ internship consultancy.

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Why Data Science Program ?
Excellent Job Market

Artificial Intellgence and Machine Learning has hit job market like never. Around 5 Lakhs jobs are there only in Indian Market as per data.

Most Interesting Topic

If you are a fan of Computer Scince then AI and ML are the most interesting subjects and the most popular topic nowadays. You can solve amazing real life problems which was impossible without it.

Excellent Instructors

Our Faculty Members are from Industries, Retired Professor or Alumni from Eminent Institutes like IIT Kharagpur. So we have excellent hands and instructors join us to explore your career.

Post Program Facilities

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We are about to collaborate with eminent institutes for this program to get better guidance, syllabus and repositories so that you can learn the best.


Our Techincal Team is busy in creating the contents which will be easy for people to understand.

The instructor led Certification Training Program
Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 1: Introduction

Welcome to Machine Learning! In this module, we introduce the core idea of teaching a computer to learn concepts using data. So Module 1 includes the following :

Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 2: Linear Regression with One Variable

Linear regression predicts a real-valued output based on an input value :

Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 3: Linear Algebra Review

This optional module provides a refresher on linear algebra concepts. Basic understanding of linear algebra is necessary for the rest of the course. Gothrough the sub divisions :

Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 4: Linear Regression with Multiple Variables

What if your input has more than one value? In this module, we show how linear regression can be extended to accommodate multiple input features :

Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 5: Neural Networks

Neural networks is a model inspired by how the brain works. It is widely used today in many applications: when your phone interprets. we introduce the backpropagation algorithm that is used to help learn parameters for a neural network. At the end of this module, you will be implementing your own neural network for digit recognition. Concepts covered in this subject area are as follows:

Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 5: Machine Learning System Design

To optimize a machine learning algorithm, you'll need to first understand where the biggest improvements can be made. In this module, we discuss how to understand the performance of a machine learning system with multiple parts, and also how to deal with skewed data. Concepts covered in this subject area are as follows:

Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 5: Unsupervised Learning

We use unsupervised learning to build models that help us understand our data better. Concepts covered in this subject area are as follows: