Advisors and Instructors

Dr.Arindam Dasgupta

Advisor & Instructorr

I am passionate about learning new things, especially programming skills. I have done my MS and PhD from IIT Kharagpur. I have 18 years experience in this computer Science field.

Dr.Debasish Guha


Debasish Guha has completed his ME and PhD from IIT Kharagpur. He has more than 25 years experience in Telecommunication.

Dr.Rajarshee Ray

Advisor & Instructorr

Founder and CTO of SoS Corp. joins our Board. He has done his PhD from The University of Texas and Health Mgmt Course from Harvard University. He was the Chief Architect in Sun Microsystems, Senior Engineer at Intel Corp., USA etc. He will be the key player to introduce AI and Deep Learning.

Dr.Soumen Palit


Dr. Soumen Palit has completed his MS in Applied Botany from Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT, Kharagpur and Doctorate (CSIR Fellow) as well as Post Doc in Agricultural Biotechnology from Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT, Kharagpur. His area of research includes Agricultural Biotechnology, Tea Technology, Sustainable and Organic farming, Soil less cultivation etc. He spent more than 16 yrs of research experience.

Gautam Mukherjee

Senior Advisor and Trainerr

Gautam Mukherjee has 36 years of experience in Telecom/IT. He was in Wipro Technologies as OSS-BSS Head, Tech Mahindra as Head of a complete IDU for British Telecom and CIO, in Bharti Airtel. He has done B. Tech (Hons.) and M.Tech from IIT Chennai. He has worked in other companies like Capgemini, France Telecom (Orange), SFR (Vodafone), Telstra, British Telecom.

Jone Doe


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Md.Jahir Pervez Tarafder


Jahir has more than 3 years of experience and is currently serving as the Senior Software Developer in Magnox Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has worked in Node Js, PHP MVC, and HMVC. He is good in the backend as well as the front end.

Mr. Aadhitya Ravichandran

Game Developerr

Tinkering with computer hardware since a very young age, he chose his path where technology and entertainment merged - video games. With a Bachelor in Design degree from IIT Guwahati (2020), specialising in Games, Animation, Film and Media studies, he has experience with a myriad of 3D software, Unity and Unreal Engine. Was a Creature Artist on the worlds biggest game mod project- Beyond Skyrim Currently works independently with clients work ranging from Game Design, 3D Art, Graphic Design and Logos for branding. Keen on learning and passing on what was learnt.

Mr. Abhinaba Hazra


Abhinaba Hazra has 3+ years of experience in IoT and Robotics. He was the training instructor in SAK Robotics, and served as a full-stack in Digital Avenues, LB Roy Infotech earlier. He has given Training in many programs and is very popular among the students.

Mr. Arnab Nath


Arnab Nath has Completed integrated MSc from IIT Kharagpur in the Dept of Mathematics. Arnab Nath has 15 years experience in the IT field. He has worked in Wipro, Deloittee. He is presently working as Senior Manager in Deloitte.He has around 15 years of experience in Software Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Database, .net and MSSQL

Mr. Bikash Maiti


Bikash Maiti is having 16 Years of Experience in TCS and is currently the delivery head of TCS. He is a trainer of Ajile Technologies and has spend 5 Years in Australia and worked in different fields like Telecommunication, Healthcare etc.

Mr. Fariduddin Masud


By profession, Fariduddin is a Digital Marketing Strategist Growth Hacker, Marketing, Content, and Product Manager having 7 years of experience. He has worked in a core team and leading to build India one of the Largest Open-Source (MOOCs) EdTech Platform at IIT Bombay under Minister of Education, Govt. of India (funded) and scaled up a 6.7 million active user base.

Mr. Suvayan Sardar


Suvayan has 2+ Years experience in PHP MVC and Codeignetor.

Mr.Shamit Patra


Shamit has completed his BTech and MS from IIT Kharagpur from the Department of Electrical Engineering. After being in Industry for some time, he has opened a Consultancy Farm named Electrosoft Consultant and has 3 Patents and 2 Copyright under his name.

Mr.Shivam Mukherjee

Game Developerr

He is passionate about games and technologies for making games. He used Unity for game development, XR, and machine learning. He knows his way around Unreal Engine and is currently using it for a game project (to be announced!). He also contributes to open source projects occasionally, having done so for Godot Engine, a free and open source game engine for cross platform 2D and 3D games, among others - a website that teaches about shaders, a document listing supported languages in Godot Engine, and some plugins maintained by individuals from the Godot Community.

Mr.Sougam Maiti


Sougam has around 14 years of experience. He has done Research Project in IIT Kharagpur on NLP ( on Semi-Supervised Learning) and was associated with STEP IIT Kharagpur. He has worked in Projects like Virtual Laboratory (MHRD), DIC (MHRD), and SATHI (DST).

Mr.Subhajit Biswas


Subhajit has 13 years of experience in TCS and has been working in the Backend and the Database section. He is a master in Stored Procedures and Databases. Subhajit is the Core Technical Guy and currently the Technical Head of Magnox. He has extremely skilled in Oracle, .NET, and Node Js. He is also experienced in giving Corporate Training when he was in TCS.

Prof N R Mandal

Advisor & Instructorr

Ex Professor And Dean of Students Affairs of IIT Kharagpur. He is the Fellow of Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Institution of Engineers. His specialized fields are Energy, Engineering Design, Alumninum Wealding and more.

Tanmoy Kanungo


Tanmoy Kanungo currently the senior consultant in Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is passionate about learning new things, especially programming skills. He has done B.Tech from College of Engineering and Management, Kolaghat and has around 14 years of experience in this software development field, especially in Telecom.